Bigfoot BJJ Bangkok Testimonials

Andrea BKK

“Coach Lee is a talented and legit black belt, a multi-skilled instructor who pays great attention in details, makes learning fun and his training style is effective. Nevertheless, Lee will absolutely push you to a level that keeps you coming back if you love to be challenged.”


“Lee is an amazing coach that really knows how break down techniques in a way that makes sense whether you've been training for years or it's your first day on the mats. He knows just how hard to push you to make sure you're challenged, but always still having fun while you learn. Bangkok is lucky to have Lee here. If you're looking to train BJJ, this is the spot.”

Michael Conn

“Lee is a Legit OG BJJ Coach. Training with him is enlightening and a really fun experience. He really technical & has an encyclopaedic knowledge of BJJ techniques. He is also very chilled and fun to train with, plus he has big feet!”